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Automated Videoing Assistant

AVA Phone Mount (AU22)

AVA Phone Mount (AU22)

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The AVA (AU22) phone mount is included within all AVA packages, however AU22 is ideal as a separate purchase as replacement phone mounts or spares, or for usage separately with its universal 1/4 screw hole that's compatible with any tripod or phone stand that features the universal 1/4 thread.

The AU22 phone mount is for use with phones only and can be manually tilted forwards and backwards at varying degrees (up to 25 degrees up and down) as well as a bubble spirit level to ensure a level position option.

A pin release feature enables the caps to be removed allowing the inside bolt to be tightened if a more firm angle setting is required than is set by default.

The charcoal coloured phone mount features a rubberised matte texture finish in-keeping with the main Automated Videoing Assistant product. 

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Highlights of the AVA N20 include..


- AI Auto-Tracking across multiple different tracking subjects = Face, Person, Horse, Dog, Sports Ball, Bicycle.

- Manual control function with included IR Remote Control or an via an Apple Watch App (AVA Hub).

- Toggle between auto-tracking and manual function.

- Super Smooth movement due to 250 speed capability (from 3sec - 24 hours for a rotation).


- Model: AVA N20

- Dimensions: 64mm (H) / 72mm (Di)

- Stand-by Time: Over 12hrs

- Continuous Working Time: Over 9hrs

- Rotational Speed: 3sec-24hrs rotation

- Nominal Voltage: 3.7 V

- Max No-load Current: 65mA Max

- Battery Capacity: 750 mAh

- Bluetooth Version: BLE 5.

- Charging: Micro-USB

- Level Max. Load: Within 1kg

- Tilt Max. Load: Within 400kg

- Vertical Max. Load: Within 300g

- Inverted Max Load: Within 300g

What's In the Box

- AVA N20 device

- IR Remote (battery included)

- Phone Mount

- GoPro Mount

- Micro-USB Charger

- Protective Bag

- Instruction Leaflet