• "A superb gadget for the Indie film maker, TikTok-er at home, sports enthusiast filming their play. Nobody wants to be the cameraman, with AVA, there's no need to be!!"

    Tony Hawks - Best Selling Author, Actor, Film Director and Comedian

  • The only problem with AVA is that I never get to use it, because everyone in my family is always borrowing it!! It's addictively useful in so many areas!!

    "Sally" from Cheadle, UK

  • As a big tech fan, I know pretty much everything out there and there's nothing doing anything quite like this (AVA)"

    Rashid Ahmad - Founder of the sport, touchtennis

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Convert your phone, tablet or other camera device, into a hands-free personal camera operator to capture your every move.


Your pocket sized AI camera operator and videographer. Use the AVA Hub App to unlock its potential, or control manually with a remote.



Attach the EyeSite Module to allow APP FREE and ANY DEVICE auto-tracking for any of AVA's tracking subjects.

Add EyeSite to your AVA order

Spares & Peripherals

Why not add an extra phone holder, a spare IR remote, an iPad holder or a tripod to your order?!

Order Spares and Peripherals


Your pocket sized videographer and content creation buddy!!

  • Speed Demon!!

    Capable of 250 speeds, from as fast 3sec for a rotation, to a rotation in 24hrs - whatever your content creation environment requires.

  • AI Auto-Tracking? Manual Control function? AI Tracking and Manual function combined? - Absolutely, no problem!!!

    Whether you're doing a perfect pano of your favourite travel destination, fast tracking your performance on a tennis court or filming your dog wander around the garden - AVA can handle it all for you

  • App or No App, that's the question?

    Use AVA with the AVA Hub app (or other compatible apps) or attach the EyeSite Module to gift any app or any device with auto-tracking.