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Automated Videoing Assistant

Protective AVA Bag

Protective AVA Bag

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This velvet AVA bag is purposely designed to protect the AVA device and can host it separately or with the phone holder mounted to AVA.

The protective bag already comes as part of your order of the 'AVA N20', but is not included as part of the higher priced 'AVA Suite' package (as the bag is replaced with a hard case instead). The purchase of a separate protective bag is ideal for either:

1 - An additional spare bag or as a replacement for a lost bag on your AVA N20 set

2 - For those wishing to add a bag to their AVA Suite package.

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Highlights of the AVA N20 include..


- AI Auto-Tracking across multiple different tracking subjects = Face, Person, Horse, Dog, Sports Ball, Bicycle.

- Manual control function with included IR Remote Control or an via an Apple Watch App (AVA Hub).

- Toggle between auto-tracking and manual function.

- Super Smooth movement due to 250 speed capability (from 3sec - 24 hours for a rotation).


- Model: AVA N20

- Dimensions: 64mm (H) / 72mm (Di)

- Stand-by Time: Over 12hrs

- Continuous Working Time: Over 9hrs

- Rotational Speed: 3sec-24hrs rotation

- Nominal Voltage: 3.7 V

- Max No-load Current: 65mA Max

- Battery Capacity: 750 mAh

- Bluetooth Version: BLE 5.

- Charging: Micro-USB

- Level Max. Load: Within 1kg

- Tilt Max. Load: Within 400kg

- Vertical Max. Load: Within 300g

- Inverted Max Load: Within 300g

What's In the Box

- AVA N20 device

- IR Remote (battery included)

- Phone Mount

- GoPro Mount

- Micro-USB Charger

- Protective Bag

- Instruction Leaflet